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Electric Motors

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This self-paced program on Electric Motors covers essential topics to provide a comprehensive understanding of motor types and characteristics, motor selection, Energy efficient motors and factors affecting motor efficiency, star operation of motors, Speed controls, soft starters with energy saver and Standards and labeling programme for energy efficient motors. The program includes modules on: 1. Introduction 2. Motor types 3. Motor Characteristics 4. Motor Efficiency 5. Motor Selection 6. Energy Efficient Motors 7. Factors affecting Energy Efficiency & Minimising Motor Losses in Operation 8. Rewinding Effects on Energy Efficiency 9. Speed Control of AC Induction Motors 10. Star Labeling of Energy Efficient Induction Motors Explore the intricacies of each module and enhance your knowledge in the field of electric Motors. Dive into the world of electricity management and gain valuable insights to apply in real-world scenarios.

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